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A Villain's Tale!
In 2006 I won the Fish Historical One-Page Prize for a short story entitled‘A Villain’s Tale.’ It stimulated me to begin the trilogy of historical crime novels that had been lurking in the back of my mind for several years. They are all set in and around medieval Wakefield and historic Sandal Castle, each being set in a different century. It is an area that I know well, having lived within arrow-shot of the castle and worked as a family doctor in the town for thirty years. 

My short story ‘A Villain’s Tale’ is published in the Fish Anthology 2007


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The first novel in the series is THE PARDONER’S CRIME. It is, as you might imagine, based upon characters in The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer and it also features Robin Hood. This may intrigue many, but in fact Wakefield has a very good case for claiming Robin Hood as one of its most famous locals, for he was mentioned in the Manor of Wakefield Court Rolls in 1316.


  The Pardoner       

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The Large Print Copy was published by Ulverscroft  in May 2009.
                 The Pardoner's Crime, Ulverscoft    
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  Here is a synopsis of the plot:


It is 1322 and Sir Richard Lee has been appointed Circuit Judge of the King’s Northern Realm by King Edward 11 himself, and sent to Sandal Castle to preside over the court of the Manor of Wakefield. 


Within hours of his arrival, Sir Richard and his assistant Hubert of Loxley are forced to investigate a vicious rape and a cold-blooded murder. As the township prepares for the forthcoming Wakefield Mystery Plays the strangest case of all is brought before him when the Pardoner, Albin of Rouncevale throws himself upon the mercy of the court and confesses to a crime that everyone believes had been committed by the outlaw Robin Hood.


Sir Richard must move quickly to discover the truth, for the stability of the realm and the crown itself may depend upon it.



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My second Historical Crime novel THE FOOL's FOLLY was published by Robert Hale in July 2009. You can order from Amazon 
                                 The Fool's Folly          
The Large Print Copy was published by Ulverscroft  in April 2010
                                       The Fool
The year is 1485 and King Richard the Third has held the throne for two years. The country is rife with rumours about the fate of the two princes in the Tower and there is a continual threat of rebellion by Henry Tudor. King Richard's heir, John de la Pole, a direct descendant of the poet Geoffrey Chaucer, is presiding over a meeting of the Council of the North at Sandal Castle, when an unexpected death occurs in his household. Sir Giles Beeston, newly appointed judge to the Manor Court, and his assistant Will Holland investigate. Soon other deaths follow and a sinister network is slowly revealed. But whose hand is behind it, and with what purpose?