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I write western novels under the pen-name of Clay More and am a member of Western Writers of America and am current Vice President of Western Fictioneers. Both are organisations for professional Western writers, based in the USA. 
THE DOCTOR'S BAG is a resource book on past medical and surgical practice for writers of westerns and historical fiction. It is a collection of my monthly blogs for Western Fictioneers.
doctors bag
My latest novel THE DOCTOR is in the series West of the Big River, published by Western Fictioneers Library. It is based on events in the life of Dr George Emory Goodfellow, the Tombstone doctor, known as the surgeon to the gunfighters. It is available in paperback and ebook.
WBR The Doctor
And my latest long novelette/novella (61 pages) REDEMPTION TRAIL, published in ebook by Western Trail Blazer.
Redemption trail
And my latest collection of short stories about Dr Marcus Quigley - see below.
I have short stories in various  anthologies. Take a look at a video about the the first one THE TRADITIONAL WEST.
In 2012 Western Fictioneers began a collaboration venture in which groups of six writers join together to publish a series of western novels written under the name of Ford Fargo. Each author has their own character. All of the novels are set in Kansas in 1871, featuring the citizens and visitor, both good and bad, to the town of Wolf Creek.
There are currently seven books in the series out now, with another five in the pipeline. They are all available as paperback and Kindle ebooks. 
As Clay More I write the character of  Dr Logan Munro, a Scottish doctor who has seen service in the Crimean War, the Indian Mutiny and the Civil War. He appears in books 1, 4, 6 (Hell on the Prairie, which is an anthology featuring his short story The Oath.) He will be back in books 8, 9 and 11.




I write a monthly short story adventure in this series about Doc Marcus Quigley, an itinerant dentist, gambler and bounty hunter. The individual stories are self-contained, yet they all form a continuing quest to find the murderer of Marcus's benefactress several years previously. There are seven stories, now collected into a paperback or ebook.








I write for the Black Horse Westerns line published by Robert Hale. These novels have also been released in 2013 as eBooks by Western Fictioneers.
DRY GULCH            
Fate handed Hank Hawkins the opportunity of achieving his ambition of buying a ranch, and all he has to do to make it happen is to make it easy for a gang to rob the stage in Devil's Bones Canyon. Hank soon realizes, however, that the robbers never had any intention of leaving anyone alive and had planned a dry gulching. He survives but regains consciousness back in Hastings Fork, he vows to track down the murderers who betrayed him and have his revenge. But, when he sets off, he finds he has a companion - Helen Curtis, the fiancee of the messenger whose death lies on his conscience. Hank has many things to figure out, such as why there was one body missing and things are about to get even more complicated with the threat of death for both of them never far away.
Raw Deal at Pasco Springs         
When ex-lawman Tom Mallory won the Diamond T ranch in a poker game, he thought Lady Luck had truly smiled on him. It was an impression that swiftly changed when he rode straight into a bushwhacking. And so there started a curious chain of events that led him to take up his former profession. It soon became clear that someone had designs on the Diamond T ranch and would stop at nothing to get it. Murder was afoot and, as tempers frayed, Tom realised that he had to find out who was behind it all - especially if he wanted to save a woman he deeply admired.
Nemesis for the Judge         
Judge Wes Talbot was the youngest circuit judge in the history of the territory, a fact of which he was mightily proud, considering that he had started out as an enforcer of the law, rather than a dispenser of justice. When Wes tried Dan Meldrum, the defendant in the infamous Concord Massacre case, the evidence had been damning. Finding him guilty of rape and murder Wes sentenced him to be hanged. Yet Cash Meldum, the bounty hunter known as the deacon, was convinced of his brother's innocence and set out to make the judge pay. But then fate plays a hand and a gang of outlaws kidnaps Talbot's fiancee and her best friend. Now Wes himself is forced on the run and as events close in it surely looks like Nemesis for the Judge.
Double-Dealing at Dirtville         
Abe Gibson reckoned Dirtville to be as good a place as any in which to live a peaceable life. He had good friends, his saloon was doing well and the town had law. Then, within the space of a few days, everything changed. It all started when Zach Holmes, the town telegrapher, had had to relay a couple of strange messages to the sheriff. Shortly afterwards the stranger Ethan Grant was gunned down at one of Abe's card tables. Then a beautiful woman shot herself in the head beside Grant's grave. As all hell broke loose, Abe figured that there had to be one person behind it all. But could he solve the mystery?
A Rope for Scudder         
Jake Scudder hauled Hank Lassiter from the jaws of death three times in twenty-four hours. However not everyone was convinced of Scudder's worth. Within a couple of days he had been found guilty of murder and sentenced to death. That was how Jake found himself locked up in a caboose en route to the penitentiary where a rope awaited him. Then fate took a hand and stirred things up. Scudder was given a chance for redemption, but it meant he would have to rescue the woman who wanted him dead and discover who had set him up. Whoever it was, had much to answer for.
Stampede at Rattlesnake Pass         
Jake Scudder was just minding his own business when he saw the cloud of dust and heard the noise like thunder that indicated a stampede. Riding as fast as he could to lend a hand he soon discovered that a massacre had taken place at Rattlesnake Pass and that the Rocking H herd had been rustled. And then he found the wrangler, Johnnie Parker barely alive. Throwing his hand in with the Rocking H owners Jake escorted the beautiful Elly Horrocks to Silver City to try to get the herd back. But then followed murder, a kidnapping and a race against time to stay ahead of rustlers' bullets and the hangman's noose. Scudder was determined to find whoever was behind it all - and make them pay!


And here are the Linford Western Library and Dales Large Print versions.

You can order them direct from Ulverscroft:

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         Nemesis Ulvers  Nemesis for the Judge   
         Double Ulvers   Double-dealing at Dirtville (Dales Western)      
         A Rope Ulvers  A Rope for Scudder (Linford Western)                  




 Stampede at Rattlesnake Pass (Linford)

      Stampede at Rattlesnake Pass (Linford Western)